Paranoid (Acorn) by Arm's Tech [web]

name:   Paranoid
author: Alain Brobecker (baah/Arm's Tech)
size:   878 bytes
needs:  Arm2 + RiscOS 2 + FPEemulator
descr.: Lines dancing over a waving background

  This demo has been fairly optimised in terms of speed (but could be more). It
features a waving background and 120 dancing lines. ArmOric reported that it
runs at 25Hz on his arm2 based A3000 (only 16 lines for 50Hz, boooh!). The line
movements were inspired by a c64 demo called "Paranoid Plot" by THA of Bonzai.
Hope you'll enjoy!

  Thanx must go to eXoTiCorn/IceBirD & Pervect/Topix for their help regarding
screen & memory initialisations.

  Files included in this archive are:
pArAnOId          ;The program itself
ReadMe            ;This file
MkPaRaNoiD        ;Source code