Wish U Were Beer by Arm's Tech [web]

                 \    /o _|_   | |  \    / _  _ _   |_) _  _  _
                  \/\/ |_)| )  |_|   \/\/ (/_| (/_  |_)(/_(/_|

                   32k single FX demo, presented at bunzli #8

                        SnoreWalk music by DeeLite/Enigma
                          QTM player by Phoenix/Kulture
                             !Crunch ny Bernard/BASS
                             code by baah/Arm's Tech

Some infos:
* The plasma uses biquadratic interpolation on two channels, then taking the
  maximum of both channels. This FX was coded first by ArmOric, but it was
  slower because it used a fractal recursive method (as seen in ItsDemoTime).
  Quadratic values are computed incrementally, using only one addition more
  than bilinear interpolation and the same amount of registers! :)
* CircleFill routine is fully clipped and quite fast. It uses incremetal
  quadratic computation, too.
* My HeapSort routine is faster than the OS': 87cs to sort 65536 elts, against
  144cs for OS_HeapSort.
* The demo uses an Euclidian division routine.
* The font plotter runs during VBl interrupt. So on my 40MHz arm710, the main
  FX runs at 20fps, and the text at 70fps. ;)
* I renamed the player to QTMreckart, so that when i kill it it won't affect
  the standard QTM player.

If you enjoyed this small demo or the sources, drop me a line at: