losing victoria by HOOY-PROGRAM [web]

Losing Victoria - Gasman / H-Prg

What do you do when you've brought your nearly-finished production to the
greatest demo party on the planet, ready to propel the Spectrum into the
limelight, only to spend the first day of the party faced with a broken Speccy,
watching the deadline for the oldskool compo go sailing past with no demo and
nothing to show it on? Easy. You enter it in the wild compo instead. A compo
where a humble Speccy demo has no chance against all the other epic
crowd-pleasers. But at least it'll get shown on the bigscreen and introduce
5000 unenlightened sceners to the Spectrum... hopefully. If not - hey, it's a
new demo, and it wasn't abandoned in frustration like it could have been.

OK, there are a couple of bugs, and it's highly dependent on timing. (It works
OK on Spin and ZX32... no idea whether it works on a real Speccy.) That's what
you get from rushed party productions. I could have refused to release it and
promised to release a fixed version "very soon", but that would be a lie. They
said the same thing about Genetic Error and The Loop, and this would be no


I'm not a poet. I just did a demo full of poetry because nobody else would.

This demo is not based on a true story. All my break-ups have been wonderful,

Gasman / H-prg / RA

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