Straylight by The Blood Forcers & Vantage [web] & Fake That

ÄÄÄÄ = straylight v0.1 = ÄÄÄÄÄ

due to the very bad sound quality of the sb mixing, sb support was taken out.

[ please read the news at line 34 ]


support for win95/98 [ linux on runlevel 6 ;) ] wasn't actually planned, but
it works quite well...

you'll need some memory, 16M should do.
don't worry if your mouse does not work properly. here are the keys :
[+] [-] set volume
[8] [2] change/reset songs
[4] [6] change order


code+design .. wombat   // tbf

music .. big bear // fake-that
         duffy    // push
         gimli    // vantage
         genox    // vantage
         zodi     // tbf


if you think we must greet you here - greeetings to you! ;)
tbf is going to merge with braindead productions. further informations coming..