Math-Error by Future Dimensions

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                            - Math-Error -

           -Kinda lots of horsepower...( PIII733Mhz? ).
           -VBE2.0 24bit 320x200 Video Mode.
           -8Mb free memory...
           -64Kb free disk space...:=)


     2.0 : GoD

           Code           :        Moottorisaha.
           Engine related :        Aleksi, V„h„kangas.
           Music          :        Precursor.


           Moottorisaha  :    Lassi, Kumpula    musamies.rave@iobox.com
           Precursor     :    Kimmo, Anttila    ???????????????????????

     4.0 : GREETINGS


     5.0 : Words from MOOTTORISAHA.

           Finally I've done it... enter ANY function...I mean A-N-Y
           function and in few second it's on the screen...Bump and
           texture mapped with the Phong illumination model...Maybe
           some environment maps too in the future...
           No Polygons, no for-loops...just pure, nice and clean

             This intro is only the beginning...There are only 1st and 2nd
           degree polynomials used...while I'am working on a torus
           (4th degree) and z = 1.0 / (xý + yý + a) (3rd degree)...
           Both done already but TOO damn slow...

             In addition, morphing between functions is VERY easy and
           looks great...

             There is only one BIG *g* in the system... There is no way
           to do it with integer-math due the variables vary from
           0.00000000000000001 to 10000000000000000...Well, i could use
           some floating point methods with integers but I rather leave
           that to hardware...it's slow...nope can do...

           I HATE polygons!