PROPS-MÁQUINA by North South Demoscene Crew

████████████████████████████ NORTE SUL DEMO CREW ██████████████████████████████

CODE & GFX: 	cc2017 (aka coxosclassic)
REQS:		- Tested in Chrome version 62.0 (good luck with other browsers)
		- Start a local server otherwise it won’t run (throws security error)
		  follow this link to setup a local server if you don’t know how:
SPECS:		Javascript software render engine, Cubic Bezier animated curves,
		Javascript Audio API (for audio analysis and animations), 
		.OBJ model format support, …
KNOWN BUGS:	- Transparent pixel on transparent pixel (z-buffer), fucks up…
		- Changing resolutions mid demo, fucks up…
		- On “GR8” resolution you need a proper CPU… otherwise, fucks up…
		- On “SHIT” resolution the letters come off the canvas… Thats why
		  is shit…

NOTES:		After looking up some old files on some old drives, I came across
		a track (techno_nigga) that EviL made way back ago (maybe 10 years?!). 
		I was carrying this idea for a demo since the day EviL showed me
		the music but I never made a true attempt at going for it (or for 
		any other demo). Its really hard to get everything together, 
		time and knowledge are hard to combine!
		Anyways, I had some free time and decided to give it a try.
		After roughly 2 months I worked on it on my spare time, and 
		amazingly I got something working.
		Its different from what I really imagined the first time I 
		listened to Evil’s track, but its the closest I could get from 
		that first “vision”.
		There was also a rumor of Inércia Demoparty 2017 going, so I spoke
		with EviL and we decided to try our luck at it, but unfortunately the
		party was called off and this Wild (would be) entry dropped down 
		to oblivion… 

		There is a lot to improve (specially on the z-buffer, performance)
		and a lot of tweaking left to be done (specially on transitions).
		I would also like to include other stuff in the engine such as
		FBX (ascii) support, skinning animation, physics, threads… Keeping
		the software render technique.
		I thought doing this demo an extremely difficult task, but at the same
		time I had a lot of fun putting together everything I’ve been learning.