Staine by Exadus [web]

              S T  A   I    N     E                                     :

              (C) Copyright  1998
              .Exadus Production.

Released:     At MidWinter98.

Where:        Sollefte†.Sweden

Status:       It won the demo compo.

Uses:         VBE 2.0 in 320x200 16bpp, so don't forget to load that
              vesa driver.

Changes:      Some Graphic changes are made, out of the party version.

Credits:      The music is made by Henk.
              The gfx(?) is made by Tryoon.
              The code is made by Ambriel and Tryoon in 6 hours
              at the party place.

Legal:        You will not sell this product.
              We aren't responsible for any kines of damages coused
	      by this demo. And if you want to put it on a CD,
              but please ask us first.
	      Midas Sound System is (c) Copyright by Sahara Surfers.
	      PMODE/W is (c) Copyright by Thomas Pytel & Charles Scheffold.
              "Staine" (c) Copyright by Exadus Productions 1998.

Greets:       Complex.Doomsday.Dubius.Pulse.Rage.TBL.Exdreams.NS.Pulse.
              Funk.Mellon.Nooon.Pulp.Jamm.Orange.And many more.

Visit:        www.exadus.com

us:           Name:             Alias:     Email:                 What:
              Andreas Hansson   "Tryoon"   (tryoon@exadus.com)    Code
              Lars Erik Wessman "Ambriel"  (ambriel@exadus.com)   Code
              Henrik Skanfors   "Henk"     (henk@exadus.com)      Music
              Magnus Wiklander  "Joe"      (joe@exadus.com)       Code
              Samuel Borg       "Bozoman"                         Music
              Mathias Wiklander "Mr.W"     (Mr.W@exadus.com)      Code
              Bj”rn Westerfors  "Cyngus"   (cyngus@exadus.com)    Code
              Or on IRC: #coders and #swedescene.

for:          As you can see, we are looking for a GFX artist and a
              3DS modeler. If you are a great one, don't hesitate contacting us.

Look out
for:          Our common demo.

Info file
written by:   Tryoon