Pixels on the line by just for fun [web]

"Pixels on the line"

A little slideshow for the Gamebuino Classic handheld console. 
A collection of images mostly drawn on my morning commute. 

Released at Cookie 2017, 7-9 Dec 2017 in Paris, France

What's a Gamebuino? -----------------------------------------------------------

Gamebuino Classic is a small handheld console based on Arduino. 

CPU: Atmega328 @ 16Mhz
RAM: 2 kb
Display: 84×48px monochrome (recycled from old Nokia 5110 phones)
Sound: magnetic speaker, 4 channels

How to run this? --------------------------------------------------------------

Copy the .HEX and .INF files to the SD card of your GameBuino. 

Use SimBuino emulator: 
Load the .HEX, press F5 then K on title screen

Use SimBuino4Web online emulator: 
Load the .HEX, press K on title screen

Credits -----------------------------------------------------------------------

All graphics and simple code: Exocet
Music: Exocet and Glafouk (original melody, butchered beyond recognition + help) 

The music was as challenging to make as it is to listen to. It turned out the 
few trackers available for the Gamebuino are all unfinished in their own way, 
so you can either: 
- export the music but not be able to hear it in the tracker;
- hear the music in the tracker but not be able to export it. 
I went for the first option and let's say it didn't help my lack of skills. 
<insert "I have no idea what I'm doing" dog picture> 

Tools -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Pixel Maker Pro
Pixels Touch
D-Pixed to add dithering tones
GBTracker for the music
British Rail Class 315 & 345 

Contact -----------------------------------------------------------------------

exocet at atari dot org / https://16couleurs.wordpress.com/