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                          7     C     F

                         3rd @  jehna'99

          music:  ikhyon
          code:   memon
          gfx:    ikhyon/memon
          design: ikhyon/memon
          bass:   ian luck

          Hello, after two really badly fucked up productions
          we finally managed to make something that doesnt
          crash or isnt unfinished because of deadlines.

          The demo is quite short (about 2 min 30) but i believe
          it fills the purpose it was made for. It was made for
          a local party called Jehna'99 which was held here at
          our home town (Lahti).

          I really enjoyed making this demo and I hope you like it
          too :) For those who liked our earlier demos I have this
          strong feeling that we are going to make fairy-tale demos
          in the future too.


          A fast PC + OpenGL capable 3D accelerator
          (demo was coded on a P166/64MB/Voodoo2)

          memon:              memon@inside.org
          ikhyon:             ikhyon@hotmail.com
          BASS audio library: http://www.icl.ndirect.co.uk/music/

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                         ³ 1999 . 7CF ³