Renaissance Music Player v1.20 by Renaissance

          Renaissance'94 presents RMP - Renaissance Music Player
                    Copyright (C) 1994 by Renaissance

 þ Renaissance Music Player v1.20 - Coded By Daredevil of Renaissance
 þ Music System Coded By StarScream & Daredevil of Renaissance
 þ Setup program and documentation by Ryan Cramer of Renaissance
 þ Player interface by C.C.Catch of Renaissance
 þ Jolly FILE_ID.DIZ made by StarScream of Renaissance ;)

RMP is Renaissance's latest module player. We feel that is our best ever
and RMP has been designed to (hopefully) be one of the most accurate ProTracker
players available! RMP also fully supports Scream Tracker ]I[ and Multitracker

RMP was not designed to be a really fancy player full of countless features.
Instead, we decided to focus on making the sound quality as good as
possible. Judge for yourself, we think that RMP is one of the best sounding
players available. In addition, we support a huge array of soundcards in
native mode (see the feature list below).

Primarily, RMP is a test of our new music system. We will not be adding a
lot of useless features or releasing new versions every day. Please do not
e-mail us asking for such things. However, we are dedicated to making our
new music drivers the best that they can be. We are very interested in
making sure that RMP works on all systems and soundcards. If you should
have any difficulty with RMP on your system, please contact us! For
information on contacting us, please see the file REN-94.NFO.

Here are some of the most important features of RMP:

   þ Excellent sound quality!
   þ Supports 4, 6, 8, and 16 channel MODs, S3Ms, and MTMs
   þ Full accurate protracker support (Except effects E0 and EF)
   þ Support for many soundcards including:

     - Gravis Ultrasound
     - Soundblaster 1.x
     - Soundblaster 2.x
     - Soundblaster Pro
     - Soundblaster 16
     - AudioTrix Pro
     - Pro Audio Spectrum
     - Pro Audio Spectrum 16

   þ EMS/XMS support
   þ Special tracking mode and instrument list mode
   þ Extremely stable DOS shell
   þ Coded in 100% 386 protected mode ASM

Installing RMP is a very easy process. Just follow these steps:

1. UNZIP the RMP archive somewhere on your system, we recommend a directory
   called \RMP. If you are reading this, you've probably already done this.

2. Run the program RMPSETUP.EXE to configure RMP for your soundcard.

3. You're all set! If you have any difficulties getting RMP to work on your
   system, please contact us at one of the locations listed in REN-94.NFO.

The following keys are available while using RMP:

Left Arrow/Page Up       - Skip Back One Order
Right Arrow/Page Down    - Skip Forward One Order
Up Arrow                 - Increase Master Volume
Down Arrow               - Decrease Master Volume
F1-F12                   - Master Volume (F1=20, F2=40, F3=60, etc.)
Space Bar                - Toggle Instrument Names Screen
Enter                    - Toggle Tracking Mode On/Off
D                        - Shell to DOS
M                        - Toggle Debugging Mode
1-9,0                    - Toggle Channels 1-10 On/Off
ALT 1-6                  - Toggle Channels 11-16 On/Off
Escape                   - Quit to DOS

RMP is distributed under the Shareware concept.  You are granted a
license to use and share it under the following conditions:

o  RMP is not distributed in a modified form.
o  No fee is charged for RMP itself.
o  All references to the copyright and author are retained.

There is a no fee for this program.

This program and ALL FILES included in the archive are:

Copyright (c) 1994, Renaissance, All Rights Reserved.

The author makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including
without limitation, any warranties of merchantability and/or fitness
for a particular purpose.  The author will not be liable for any damages,
whether direct, indirect, special or consequential arising from a failure
of this program to operate in the manner desired by the user.  The author
will not be liable for any damage to data or property which may be caused
directly or indirectly by use of the program.

When trying new software, always backup any and all important files on
your system.

We recommend using RMPSETUP to configure RMP, however, you can also use the
command line parameters as shown below:

Usage: RMP <Options> [MOD/S3M/MTM Filename]

/Cx      Soundcard 0=GUS 1=SB10 2=SB20 3=SBPro 4=SB16 5=ATP 6=PAS 7=PAS16
/Pxxx    Soundcard Port
/Ixx     Soundcard IRQ
/Dx      Soundcard DMA
/Sxxxxx  Soundcard Mixing Rate
/M       Force Mono Mode (If configured for Stereo)
/T       Force Stereo Mode (If configured for Mono)
/8       Force 8bit Mode (If configured for 16bit)
/16      Force 16bit Mode (If configured for 8bit)
/N       No Display - Start In DOS Shell
/R       Start In Tracking Mode
/Vxxx    Master Volume (0-255)
/A       Disable Stereo Panning (Much Faster)
/L       Disable Song Looping (Exit To DOS At End Of Song)

WARNING: When using the command line parameters, please make sure that you
specify ALL parameters related to your soundcard configuration, otherwise
those values will be read from the RMP configuration program and may be in
an undetermined state.

RMP may not play all S3Ms and MTMs 100% correctly. RMP was designed to
maintain full protracker accuracy but not everything from S3Ms and MTMs
have been implemented. However, RMP does and will play the majority of S3Ms
and MTMs correctly, if you come across any bugs or problems with the
replay, please contact us so that we can fix it.

RMP attempts to load modules into XMS or EMS. If no high memory is
available, RMP will load the module into conventional memory.

RMP supports a maximum of sixteen channels. The actual music drivers can
support more channels, but for the player we have limited it to sixteen to
maintain the highest possible sound quality.

16 bit DMAs may not work for the PAS16 and SB16. We are currently working
on the problem, but we have not had many opportunities to test with these

þ Stefan Danes
þ Otto Chrons
þ Diablo
þ GodHead
þ Syntax Error
þ Necros
þ Leviathan
þ Nemesis
þ Tran
þ The Shadow
þ Vernor
þ Black Artist
þ Berky
þ WhiteFiend (Tell Steve thanks for the PAS16!)
þ All My Other Pre-Beta Testers
þ Sorry To Anyone I Forgot - Its Been One Hell Of A Month! =)