Jive or This is not a remix by Sublogic

jive or this is not a remix
    - featuring the bumpmapped blob called bill

first part of the famous jive intro series by sublogic.

intro from pool position 1998 held somewhere in sweden.

mr. kravitz/sublogic (aka. asjulsen@online.no) did intro coding
mr. dominei/inf (aka. reid@netspot.no) did intro music making
mr. beisert did player coding
mr. scheffold and mr. pytel did extender coding
mr. lee did executable packer coding

use vbe2.0 and gus + appx. 16 mb of memory for colors.
unload univbe for greyscale.
greyscale also available through /grey parameter.
black screen means wait not reboot.

sorry for using routines from jive 2, but i did this in a day.

greets are to be found in intro.