Insanity by Expression

     dIz iz dA hElP-fiLe to iNsAniTY,

             a maaaaaad 64k-tro made by eXpReSsioN >-]

Well, yes that'S right, yet another eXpResSion release is on your hard-disc
or in your drive or what place ever you did choose to store diz little
production. Well, we started the work on this demo just some weEkX after we
returned from the fkb-paDdY in Berlin to release it on the AcoRn-scene-event-
of-the-year, the Yelling Jam posse, hold by IceBird in Bremen!

To start this little piece of art you'll need an Archimedes or RPC with 2MB
RAM and at least an ARM 250. But we recommend an ARM 3/25 or higher, coz the
loops are written for cAChe...

This production features:

  cOding by
  Skoe/Expression (for everyone who can'T pronounce it: [sko:])

  aRtwOrk by
  lUnATic dRUiD/Expression

  aUdIALs by
  Cry/the Xperience

The Expression-Crew is off... Enjoy our iNsAniTY >]

Expression HQ                 Or give us a call at:
c/o Christian Giesel          035324/447 (Christian / Thomas)
Hauptstr. 61
03246 Crinitz

Expression-Memberstatus october '96:

Lunatic Druid..gfx/swap