fresnel by kolor [web]

                                           __    ____    __       ____     ____
                                       __ / (_ _\\_  \_ / /____ _\\_  \_ _\\_ /__
                                      _)_/   /    /   //_//   /    /   /   _/   /
                                      \ \    \_      /  \    /        /    \    \_
                                      /__\____/______\ __\___\ _______\ ____\____/
                                      - -diP--------------------------------dTR- -
                                               fresnel by kolor ( final )
                                                    dialogos 2000
                                          p3 800 & geforce 2 & dsound & opengl       

 - use the setup to configure everything. 
 - smaller subdivision means more precision and there for less performance. 
   choose 8x8 to be back in 1997.  primary the performance depends on the 
   amount of polys your card is able to handle. don't hesitate to choose 
   hires - it won't be much slower.   

some facts:

 - this intro is raytracing.
 - it is able to display spheres, boxes, cylinders, planes and any combination 
   of them using csg operants to any given depth.
 - it uses real volumetric light. even volumetric shadows are possible but way 
   to slow.
 - reflections are supported to any given depth. however in the intro the 
   recursion is limited to 3.
 - we use opengl to rasterize the tree. the polycount is somewhat HIGH. but it 
   can't be done with less polys anyway. 
 - read about fresnel and hos work:

the credits for this intro:

 - looza and dipswitch for the music.
   the music was made IN TWO HOURS AT THE PARTYPLACE. so dont judge it to hard.
   we had to give up the idea of using our own samplepacker, as it was mutilating 
   the module a way to much ( we do now KNOW what's wrong. thanks to digisnap, 
   kb and ryg for enlightening us about mdct ).
   looza made a new tune. fits better.
 - siriuz for coding the writer, integrating tinyfmod and trying HOURS to fix 
   that damned samplepacker.
 - shiva for theoretical coding, strategies, algorithms and waveletpacker.
 - noize for doing the textures, the scenes and the overall implementation of
   the intro.

we have to say some personal thank-yous to the following people:

 - kenney beltrey for that tune which was too big to make it into the intro.
 - pirat/bypass for telling us WHY the samplepacker sucks that much.
 - nix/tbl for the direct3d quadtree. we weren´t able to notice any performance 
   improvements. so we took opengl after all.
 - faxe, themadman, warp and trojan for their helping hands.
 - fontex for sharing his experiments in keeping msvc code as small as possible with us.
 - cj for making it possible to access the internet from the partyplace.
 - m. oberhumer and l. molnar for upx and firelight for tinyfmod.

we want to express our respect:
   exceed, haujobb, doomsday, tpolm, sunflower, matrix, amable, black maiden,
   suburban, tokyo dawn records, fridge, nomad, coma, cocoon, bypass, mfx, park
   and tbl.

you can contact the poeple behind this intro:
 - noize is noize@gmx.net
 - shiva is shivak@gmx.net
 - siriuz is srz@gmx.net
 - dipswitch is dipswitch@dc-s.com
 - looza is ajoscht@gmx.de
 - our page can be found at www.kaoz.org/kolor