kasparov 16b by Desire [web]


            kasparov.com - 16 bytes

a scrolling 10x8 chessboard whose white fields
consist of correctly oriented 8x8 chess boards

had this piece lying around, stuck at 17 bytes
and not that beautiful, until i found a trick

works on freedos, msdos, winxp, dosbox. some
newer graphic BIOS might not work, if this
happens, i suggest you get older hardware :D



                 * bonus *
           girlchess.com - 8 bytes
not really a chessboard, not really for girls
just the first graphic scrolling effect in 8
bytes with sound! also, rip baudsurfer :P
this one works everywhere, winxp dos might not
emulate the pc speakers correctly though :/


          greetings - some more bytes
   Whizart,g0blinish,Rudi,ryg,Orby a.k.a.
   Oscar Toledo,Drift,maugli,Harekiet,etc

            +all DESiRE members

         HellMood, DESiRE, 4/2018