Chessington World of Adventure by HOOY-PROGRAM [web]

chessing        tonworld        ofadvent        urechess
ingtonwo        rldofadv        enturech        essingto
nworldof        adventur        echessin        gtonworl
        dofadv                                          orldofad
        vent     Chessington World Of Adventure         fadventu
        rec                                             ntureche
ssington      a 128b intro by Gasman / Hooy-Program     
tonworld               for Outline 2018               wo
rldofadv                                          orldof
        adventur        echessin        gtonworl        dofadven
        tureches        singtonw        orldofad        venturec
        hessingt        onworldo        fadventu        rechessi

Requires 128K. Run on a 128 / +2 in usr0 mode for best results.