2018 A.D. by Five Finger Punch

                 2018 A.D.

            A demo for Laser 200

            by Five Finger Punch

          Released at Edison 2018

Code: vilcans, Imodium, Morbid
Music: vilcans
Graphics: Corel

The Laser 200 (at least the one we used)
seems to be a stripped down version of the
computer also known as:

  * Salora Fellow
  * VZ200
  * Texet TX8000

The Laser 200 we used has only 4 KB RAM
(including 2 KB VRAM which is shared with
the graphics chip).

How to run on hardware:

We haven't gotten our speedloader to work if
stored on tape, but you may be more lucky with a
high quality tape deck.

For the best retro experience you can burn the
audio to a CD, as we're doing in the compo.
You can of course also play it directly from
your state of the art computer.

Connect the left audio channel to the Laser 200,
and the right audio channel to your speakers.
Making a custom cable may be a good idea.