Trippers Delight by alien prophets [web]

                           ¯Trippers Delight!®
              Not just a demo, but a state of mind. Ect. ect.
                           (by Alien Prophets)

þ Contents:
  þ Requirements
  þ Common group info
  þ Code info and code overview 
  þ Music info                  
  þ Warranty and disclaimer.
  þ Contact?
  þ Quote                       
  þ Greets'n'Contributions                          
  þ Alien Prophets???
  þ Items (ab)used during production
  þ TroubleShooting Section. (+RunCore errorcodes.)
  þ Todays prophecy.

People who suffer from epilepsy should not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES watch this
demo. It contains bright flashing lights, swirling patterns and pshycadelic
trance that could lead to apoplectic fits.


Required:                              Should be:
*Everything over a 80386               *A pentium 200Mhz or higher.
*4Mb RAM                               *Hm. Well. 4Mb RAM.
*A VGA compatible video card           *A fast VGA compatible video card.
*A sound card supported by MIDAS       *GUS :)
*An OS                                 *DOS 

                           ¯Common group info®

Alien Prophets consist of three people of whom, only two have contributed in 
the production of this demo, since the last [Ephoy] was living at an
continuation school. Gaia is about to attend 1.g at Slagelse Gynasium
[upper secondary school / highschool].
Nudge was also living at a continuation school, but spents his weekends
in Slagelse (DK).

                      ¯Code info and code overview®

This demo was written in Watcom C v10.0a, and very small amounts of inline
assembler. (No inner loops, just WR & mode change. The usual stuff.)
All data (images, tables ect.) have been hardcoded and the headers removed.
This was not done to prevent ripping, but to minimize the size of the final
executable. (And it was more simple too. :) 
The soundsystem used in this production was MIDAS Digital sound system by
Sahara Surfers. Thanks!.
This demo is fully capable of running under Windows. If you choose to do
so, and your computer blows up, don't worry. It's perfectly normal; happens
every time Windows boots. :)
When finished, the code consisted of more than 5100 lines of
(more or less) structured c source code. (Also known as "Nightmare" :)
We (I), have done everything to insure that this code is completely bugfree.
The demo has been betatested on several diffrent machines, with (or without)
FPU, diffrent soundcards (SB16, Sb Pro, ESS AudioDrive ect.), diffrent
amounts of RAM, drivers, memory manegers (EMM386, QEMM386 v7.04, QEMM386 
v8.00, QEMM386, v8.01 [patched 8.00]) and operating systems (Win95,
MS-Dos 6.22, MS-Dos 7.0, 4DOS).
However we (I) cannot guarantee that this program will run without any 
problems. If you expirience problems, you can read the troubleshooting 
section for help.   [Gaia]

                               ¯Music info®

                                THE TRUTH
       About The Tracker technician ùNUDGEù and the TRIP!.XModule

The module is a ft2 module extended module with eight channels a couple of
instruments + a couple of patterns.
The module itself is only a humble, and in my oppinion, shitty non worthy
skeleton of repetetive weak wannabe goa samp's. So I cried out for help,
and our main (read: only) coder Gaia heard me. He sampled an extremely nice
kick ass GOA sample to lighten thing's up for me and my endless battle for
making my first DEMOdule ever. It has costed me alot of sleepless nights,
wondering if or how i would make it.
I think TRIP! has a certain nice groovy swing in it, though it's too
repetetive and at times a bit boring(IMHO).
Anyways this is not my last DEMOdule. HeHe ;)

                         ¯Warranty and disclaimer®

This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without 
restrictions for non-commercial use.
No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any combination 
of products or services including this product without our authorization and 
official written license. Commercial use, especially the industrial 
manufacturing on any data storage media and their distribution without the 
expressed permission of the producer, is strictly prohibited.  This program
or the data files contained therein may not be altered or modified without 
the permission of the author.
You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and any 
consequences thereof. We the creators cannot accept liability for damages 
or failures arising from the use of this software and / or overwhelming
amounts of cofee.
However you are allowed (and encouraged) to copy this software to all your
friends, parrents and local aliens.


We haven't currently got any e-mail, but you are always welcome to contact
us by telephone or snailmail as described below.

Lasse Jul Nielsen [Gaia]
M›llevej 8
4200 Slagelse
Phone: (+45) 58520607

Rasmus Rasmussen [Nudge]    
Malervej 1
4200 Slagelse
Phone: (+45) 58530701


There he sat, once again he had his redrimmed eyes turned against the screen, 
spatting curses towards the keyboard, while typing fanatically, promising
himself that this would be the very last attempt, even though knowing that
it was a promise he couldn't keep. He typed in the name of the executable
and pressed enter. 
The screen remained pitch-black. Again he cursed. Cursed for beeing a part 
of something so alluring, so tempting, yet something that seemed so
ungrateful. He sighed and decited to try just once more. Again he compiled,
typed the name of the executable and pressed enter, and this time there
was a glint, only a few pixels, but something. Then they were replaced by
overdimenisioned gray letters clearly showing him that the program was
yet far from perfect. He sighed and turned off the computer, 
while wondering if it would ever be.

              [Gaia] Slg. Dk.

One day he sat in front of the screen stirring at a tracker program called
He was starting to get nervous, a drop of sweat ran over his forehead and
fell down on the keyboard only to be sucked down between the buttons.
This was definently getting out of control...
But it had gone too far. His fingers danced over the keyboard following the
beat of his soon to come module Trippers Delight.
While he was sampling some goa cd's, drinking lot's of COFFE and slamming his
head into the wall, the module took form.
In a matter of hours a new module were born and all the walls in the room 
DEMOlished. ;) 
He just sat there, with a satisfied smile on his face and his headphones on, 
nodding his head to the repetitive beats and sample loops. 
He was in trance!!.!.......(muhuhuahahahaaaaa!)=;)
             [Nudge] one double-nine eight (1998)


Alien Prophets greets the following people.


þLoop/The cheese team: It was nice talking to you during SE98. Hope to see
you next year.
þMorten C.: Thanx for the invitation & the appreciation of our demo.
þCodexx: I just had to do it! How's assembler comming on? (Bid mig i lysken!)
þSpacy: How are things going? Lad os m›des og lege med bl‘sere og vaskepulver!
þSpeedFreak: Hope to see ya 'round. Your visit in Slg. was fun!
þScheea: Drop bolden i kurven, og hop ud af skabet med Watcom i favnen.
þKim fra SLR: Du ryger og drikker kaffe, som et svin. Ka' li' dig.
þSahara Surfers: For Midas!
þScene people: Who needs a reason anyway?


þMorten C.: Gamer freak'en of Filth.
þNikolai M.: KEBAB TURBO ER TURBO KEBAB?? Amiga lever!
þRelaXX.: I am soon gonna drop you some e-mail.
þEphoy.: F† fingeren ud af popo'en.
þSpacy.: Get your ass down here bwoy(Udtales BWOY)!! Send nogle mods.
þDanisco Distillers.: For the great Gammel Dansk, som g†r godt med sild(ADDD!)
Last but not least... 
þAll my buddies: without you i would never have bought gammel dansk
and enjoyed it. ;-)

                           ¯Alien Prophets??®

Curerntly the following three people is members of Alien Prophets:

Handle          Name            Age             Doing

Gaia............Lasse Nielsen...17..............Coding/Gfx
Nudge...........Rasmus Moebius..16..............Music/Gfx
Ephoy...........Bjarne Oewre....17..............(Nothing really..:)

                    ¯Items (ab)used during production®

The following people, items and aliens have contributed in the elaboration
of this demo:

Approx. 1298,95 l. of steaming hot STRONG cofee.
Constant GOA-trance in the background.
154 « packs of cigarettes. (And a lot of ashtrays too...)
Ejnar the Alien. (Thanx for always beeing there for us.)
1« l. of "Gammel Dansk" (A kind of booze) :-p [Yuck!]


Q: I own a SB-compatible clone, yet I hear no sound when running the demo.
A: Try starting the demo with the /s option, then choose SoundBlaster PRO
from the list of availeble soundcards. Then choose the appropriate Port, IRQ 
and DMA settings. If you still can't hear any sound, or (worse) the demo
stops running, reboot and choose the "No sound" option.

Q: Suddenly the demo stops running.
A: The problem could be caused by an unappropriate IRQ (or DMA) setting. Try
starting the demo with the /s option, then manually configure your soundcard.

Q: The demo stops running, and I get a neat printout of the registers.
A: We've noticed that some programs using pmode/w often crash, when
EMM386 is loaded. Since pmode/w is a dosextender, you don't need a
memory-manager to run this demo. Try removing EMM386 (or any memory-
manager), and then restart Trip!.

Q: I'm using the QEMM memory manager v7.04, v8.00 or v8.01, and when I try
to execute the demo, I get this "exception error" / 
"This is not an QEMM error..." kind of message, and the choice between
terminating the application or rebooting the computer.
A: As hell it is! If I had a dollar for each time I've got that message,
I would have more money than goddamn Bill Gates! To solve this QEMM ERROR,
just press [t] to terminate the application, and then try to execute it again.

Q: Your demo starts fine, but runs slow as hell, what's wrong?
A: Your computer is too slow, solve this problem by running the demo with
the /s option, then configure your soundcard with the prober settings, but
choose a lower mixing rate (12500 - 22500 or so.). If the problem persists,
try to run the demo with /s option, then choose the "No sound" option. 

Q: I bought my computer without DOS preinstalled, and therefore I have to
settle with running your demo under Windows 95. Your demo runs fine, but the
sound is totally fucked up, what do I do?
A: First of all: Don't PANIC! Go to the kitchen, and make a big jug of 
cofee. (That's a good way to start solving problems :). This is a 
somewhat strange problem. We experienced this alot during betatesting.
(Yes, we even tested the demo under Windows too. Isn't amazing what
we'll go trough for you guys?). To solve this, run Trip! with the 
/s option. Configure as normally, but choose 22.5Khz mixing rate and
16bit-mono sound.

Q: When I run Trip! under Windows 95, the sound seem to "jump", as if some
of the patterns is beeing skipped? (?!)
A: Well.. Hm.. Yes.. We are aware of this error, but have absolutely no idea
whatsoever. It seems to help if you run the demo under DOS instead.

![Description of RunCore v1.0 errorcodes.]

#RunC01: Crittical low amount of RAM.

RunCore will report this error if the amount of memory (as reported by
the pmode/w dosextender) is less than the amount needed to run the demo.

#RunC02: Not enough memory for buffer.

RunCore could not allocate the memory needed for a 8bit virtual screen.
I don't suppose this'll ever happen, since a such situation should 
already have been intercepted as a RunC01 error.

#RunC03: Missing module.

RunCore was unable to find the FT2 [extended module] that was to be
used for music playback. Did you run out of HD space?

#RunC04: User interferrence. :)

This will only happen if you've pressed [ESC], when prompted about
display refresh difficulties. (Running the demo under Windows 95).
[Yes, we *DO* use MIDAS!].

#RunC05: Processor type installed inapropriate!

This will happen, if your processor is smaller than expected. Solve
this problem by running Trip! with the /p option [Processor overide].

                            ¯Todays prophecy®

In the year 2000 (Miranda?), a new age will be born. Old kingdoms
shall fall, and new arise. And the tyrany known as MicroSoft shall
crumble, alongside all of their creation. 
Then, out from the misty fogs of utter destruction a light shall
shine, to lead the misbelievers of MicroSoft platforms.
And the light is called Linux.
And so began the age of knowledge, where many new system-managers
arose to control the caos than MicroSoft had left behind, using
their, before, so feared weapon: Win95.
And peace covered the land.