Fidderli Fisk by Gollum [web]

|                               FIDDERLI FISK                                  |
|                                                                              |
|  80k Intro for the BUSH PARTY 94                                             |
|                                                        Copyright 1994 Gollum |

                    !!! THIS INTRO WON THE BUSH PARTY 1994     !!

                     .TO RUN THIS INTRO YOU SHOULD HAVE.

- 386, Preferable 486 Prosessor.
- A Gravis UltraSound Card.
- A 100% Comaptible VGA Card
- 580k Free Low Memory

- If it fucks up try without EMM.

BTW: If you find any "swap_fil.XXX" then just delete them. They are just
     swap files.

                               .ABOUT THE INTRO.

This intro was not made to show off any amacing code. It was just put
together so that Gollum would have a contribution to the Bush Party 94.
The intro was coded in about two weeks, so I (PixMan) really didn't
have that much time to optimize. (Not that i would if i had the time either)
So don't expect to much (as if you hadn't already seen it).

Fast Creds:

S3M Player....PixMan
Music.........BrainTumour & Heywood (Also Stone-Art members)

Thank's to $volkraq for trying to make music. I guess it's just not your kind
of music.


DarkZone, Avalanche, Scoop, Eon, Sorrox, Somebody, Stone Arts, MilkMan,
Teddy, NiggerJack, Lamers, HacMac, Monkey, Kristoffer.

And everyone I forgot here.


Contact me for any reason:

PixMan.........Knut Taraldsen            Phone..... +47 35527210
               Fossum Veien 7
                3721 SKIEN

- PixMan / Gollum.