The Dunesday Machine by Nylki

# The Dunesday Machine

My first intro, submitted @ deadline 2018 as JS intro.

- Size: is 6882 Bytes
- Running time: 3 minutes (180 seconds). Tested in Firefox 62 (win/linux)

There are three resolutions to choose from:

- Optimized/Party Version: 1440 x 810 pixel, tested with a GTX 1070 to run at 60FPS

- Maximum Resolution: uses the full resolution of the browser window

- Low Resolution: 960 x 540: In case the optimized/party version is too slow, try this one.

Thanks to bitsnbites for the great SoundBox tracker! I didn't fully make use of it, but it served as a solid basis to get some sounds and melodies in. (http://sb.bitsnbites.eu/)

Also big thanks to mercury for their great code samples and illustrations on SDFs (signed distance fields/functions): http://mercury.sexy/hg_sdf)

Build tools used: rollup, terser, glslminify, pnginator


PS: yet another desert intro I guess. Just noticed today (on submission day) that there already have been atleast two JS intros with a desert theme submitted to deadline in the last couple years. Oh well, next time something different!