g o n e by Desire [web]

" G o n e "
128 bytes intro for msdos
by HellMood / DESiRE
for Demosplash 2018

for the slide:
        life's moving fast
             live it
         before it's gone

  fractal animation + covox sound
            msdos, 128b

  ♥ greetings to all sizecoders ♥

the intro is designed to work on
- DosBox 0.74

the intro has SOUND! ♪♫ please make
sure that a sound system is connected

Please compare with the capture

i included a portable DOSBox with the
release. Simply execute the 

     ! ! !  s t a r t  ! ! !.bat
it will launch DosBox in FullScreen
and execute "dementia.com". Press
"CTRL + F9" to end dosbox

I will upload the entry myself
to POUET after the party. 
Please no rogue uploads!

contact me :