Angeldust by Shock!

           ANGELDUST - an alternative multimedia demonstration by SHOCK!

           we thought so

           eternity     - tsc
           angels       - genesis
           ambience     - atx

           extra greets to murphy for coding tips

         * Warning, this is the partyversion, and please run it ONLY WITH XMS *
         * or the second vectorpart will probably hang...                     *

           keep the faith

           abaddon, astroidea, axioma, black rainbow, byteam, capanna
           caterpillar, controlled dreams, criminal gang, darkside
           dentifrice, dinasty, d-eyes, enlightenment, exact
           exceed, exhumers, fiction, firg, fresh
           illumination, impact, impulse, iris
           kloon, %lz, ld, majic twelve
           mandula, murmidones, opium
           orange, promise, pulse
           remal, resource, tbl
           thitanium, tpu, tsi
           unicorn, urinate

           stay with us

           atx - music, pr
           das - gfx
           deansdale - music
           genesis - code
           rian - music
           trajic - music
           true - rendering
           tsc - code, music

           choose one

           tsc@master.fok.hu (checked once a year)

           sites? we don't care them anymore...
           personal greets? somebody always left out...