b codes 3 by Sensenstahl [web]

b codes 3 / a collection of intros by sensenstahl
released        at         experience        2o18

revisiting intros for the 3rd time. most of those
intros were old/alternative versions of  releases
i made. but since they  did not meet my standards
for a single release they slept on my hdd.  but i
invested time to  create them so i won't let them
rot here. and sooner or later they will get lost.
it almost  happened to  some of  them.  but after
finding a few on a backup usb stick i  decided to
save them by adding them to his collection.  that
being  said  i hope  you will  enjoy  it  (a bit)

             barbarian 2 // pouet ad
           barbarian 3 (demozoo.org ad)
                experience 2018/1
                experience 2018/2
        where did all the giants go? (v2)
        where did all the giants go? (v3)
       kaneda // ions of zen (old version)
               pouet ad (old v1)
               pouet ad (old v2)
    how to skin the rainbow serpent [draft 1]
    how to skin the rainbow serpent [draft 2]
    more than just code (alternative version)
    txt.msg // 1-4-411  (alternative version)
          up // shine on (old version)