when will you rage by kolor [web]

  when will you rage
  text mode demo compo ][ entry by shiva^kolor

  hiho folks!

it's a spontanous little effort demo (518 lines of c++ code), but i hope you
enjoy it anway. i thought that punk style would fit the noise generated by the
100% textmode rule best. this rule stated that you may not use anything but
interupt setup for max. 80x50 resolution without palette changes. well i
cheated a tiny little bit by setting 8 pixel wide chars, but you can turn
this off by starting the demo with the /strict switch. some more tech details,
before we get to the nasty stuff: it runs at a virtual resolution of
80x50x15bit and is then displayed with table lookups in textmode. you can
quit anytime with [esc]. the demo should be timed perfectly on any system.
all effects run with barely visible five frames motionblur. the raytracer
does not interpolate anything. one ray/char (planes, tube, sphere). sound is
gus only and it does not run under win95. harhar.
so. and now a turn for the worse...
this whole demo is quite unauthorized. first, i was unable
to get either the email adress of cybelius, nor did i catch him on irc.
but i wanted punk music so bad, i simply used timeless.s3m from his great 
musicdisk 3rd_punk without permission. i hope you don't mind to much. at least
dune told me you wouldn't. then i used the great tinyxm player by pascal.
again, i hope you don't mind too much. and finally, no ansi artist was
willing to paint such a lot of pictures, so i simply had them scanned from
rage(tm) trading cards by white wolf. thnx for scanning jump to siriuz^kolor.
at least, the code is 100% by me and nobody else.
some greeting in random order jump to:
climax, cobalt, drice, lure, hdf, magic, assign, red13, submissive, pascal,
dune, frenetic, and hey this time i really mean it: everybody i forgot.


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