do zen .net by Komplex [web]


as the future availability of microsoft java vm seems to be somewhat unpredictable,
we have ported the "do zen" demo (originally released in 1999) to microsoft's vision 
of future platform, the .net framework.  for the porting, we used microsoft visual 
studio j# beta 2.

in order to run this version, you need following .net runtimes installed:

Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable


Microsoft Visual J# .NET Redistributable Package Beta 2 



ps. no source code was used in the porting process, just .class files :-)


do zen

pc accelerated demo compo

this is an opengl demo, so please run it with proper opengl drivers,
like nvidia riva TNT series.  minigl just won't do it.  [if you are 
using 3dfx drivers (opengl 2.1 beta), please copy 3dfxopengl.dll as 
opengl32.dll to same directory where dozen.exe resides.  on 3dfx,
the screen goes grey for first 20 seconds.]

also, before starting the demo, please switch your desktop to decent 
resolution, so that the demo will run more smoothly and with 
hardware accelleration.  preferred resolution is 640x480x16bit.

for competition, please start with -full commandline switch to 
enable fullscreen operation.

demo requires some windows upgrades, so plain vanilla win95 wont do, 
but win98 will (or win95+ie4).  nt4 will do too, if ie4 is installed.  
if you encounter any dll problems, installing ie4 will usually fix