STNICCC 2000++ by Newline (atari)

STNICCC 2000++ by newline.
--------------------------             .
1MB STf 1 disk, not tested otherwise

This is a "port" of the "STNICCC2000 
Demo" (party version) by Oxygene:


for the ST-NICCC-Competition held by by 
Heaven/Desire and Axis/Oxyron for 
Revision 2019:


This rewrite is just a little test how 
well my polyrouts will do in 
comparision; aka "how fast can this
specific scene be rendered on a 1040 

This intro runs in intro mode per 
default - press B anywhere up to or on
the title screen to run the benchmark 
mode (aka no intermissions and with a 
timer at the end).

The scene to render itself is a 2D poly-
gonal data stream that can be found at
one of the links above.

Original 3D-scene:     Mon/OXYGENE
			Music:     Dolby/newline.
Code/some add. 3D:     tIn/newline.

A few things to know:
-Oxygenes original party version had
	no music on STf, so this version
	(which renders the scene in 3:21)
	is the baseline version to dis-
	regard music/mod player overhead
-this intro renders the scene in 2:03
	with disk streaming and music 
	driver (full Soundmagic driver, no
	music stream)
-original stream data is used and 
	naively rendered as-is
-no additional metadata is used (e.g.
	clearregions, color-histograms etc.)
-every single frame and every polygon is 
	rendered and masked in full 4 
-polyrout can render scene in 1:57 w/o 
	music/disk streaming and with 
	slightly dffernet data format (but
	same poly data)

There is a lot of room for further 
speed improvements on a scene and poly
data level, but to keep comparability
with focus on the polyrouts I decided
to just render whatever the original 
data stream says.

Thanks to Heaven and Axis for coming
up with this challenge. I personally
hope this kind of party-transcending
challenges will stick and become a
thing (like the checkerboard one).  


Mr. Coke, Axis, Slator, Shylock, NaN, 
Front 6, Samurai, Fried, Thyroxin, Tat, 
Mr. Ni!, Insh_Allah, Wingleader, Bonus, 
Havoc, Cronos, Lsl, DanH, Agent T, 
Lotek Style, Insane, Yazoo, Sphinx, 
Veto, Thorn, Jokie, Gunstick, Troed, 
Leonard, Spkr, ggn, Jacky, Splash, 
Jora, Sammy Joe, Tyrem, Mad Max, Daryl, 
ES, Chris and all I forgot