Keep on Isle by BJAKKE

# Graffathon 2017 #

Product title: Keep on Isle

Author: BJAKKE (https://github.com/bjakke/)

Graphics via raymarching (Java, Processing core libs, Moonlander, Rocket, Eclipse, Maven)

Music with LMMS, with a lots of tutorials (my first song \o/)

# License

Code & Music of this repo is Public Domain, http://unlicense.org/.

3rd party dependencies:
* Processing core lib, https://github.com/processing/processing/ (core folder), LGPL
* Moonlander, https://github.com/anttihirvonen/moonlander, MIT
* Minim, https://github.com/ddf/Minim, LGPL
* JOGL, http://jogamp.org/jogl/www/, BSD