ptreplay V7 by Scarab [web]

This file documents ptreplay, a librarybased systemfriendly PT/NT/ST-replayer.

            Copyright (c) 1994-1996 Mattias Karlsson (BetaSoft)
         Copyright (c) 1996 Andreas Pålsson (Pucko/Digital Dreams)
    Copyright (c) 2019 StingRay/[S]carab^Scoopex (stingray_dsd@gmx.de)

                           PTREPLAY.LIBRARY 7.0

ptreplay.library v7.0 is released under the concept of freeware. This
means that it is freely distributable as long as following conditions
are fulfilled:

·The archive may not be sold, but inclusion in a PD-library is permitted
 as long as only a SMALL fee is charged to cover the costs of copying and
 distribution. The Fred Fish Library is the perfect example.
·Programs and documentations must be distributed together in their
 unmodified form.

·Concerning the library itself, programs using ptreplay.library may
 include it in their distribution packages as long as this file follows
 as 'ptreplay.readme'. Of course the program using it must be freeware to.

       For inclusion in a shareware or commercial software package,
                        please contact the author.

                                   - - -

ptreplay.library (from now on ptreplay) is a standard Amiga shared library,
capable of playing music files with the well known 'M.K.' sign inside.

Some of PtReplay features:
· System friendly, uses CIA-timing for smooth playing
· Except for the ordinary Play, Pause, Resume and Stop there are fading
  volumechanging, ability to specify position, turn on/off channels.
· Load modules via PTReplay. No need to open Dos.

Use this library as you would use any normal Amiga library. Included in
this package is include files for Assembler and C.

                                   - - -

Notes about V7 (StingRay): Back in December 2018 I was contacted
by Slummy, he was working on a music disk and the requirements were that
the code just uses system-friendly routines. Hence he tried ptreplay.library
and encountered that it didn't work on Kickstart 1.3. I had a look and quickly
found the reason for that, there were quite a few OS2.0+ only routines used
which I had to completely recode so they now work on 1.3. Basically, the
memory allocation and device handling routines had to be recoded. Once done
the library now worked on 1.3 machines but while testing the music disk a
new problem was encountered, the volume slide command didn't work correctly.
After checking the code once more I also had to recode all volume slide
routines as they were completely broken!

To summarise:
- library now works on 1.3 machines
- volume slide is now properly supported
- code has been optimised a bit

I will, most probably, release the full sources of the library in a later
update, for this I need to clean up the source a bit and add proper
documention, this hasn't been done yet. For now you only get the 1.3
compatible library and a new asm source in the "Examples" directory showing
how to use the library. I have also fixed a few mistakes in the documentation,
in one of the next updates I'll most probably either rewrite the docs or
at least improve them as they aren't very good in my opinion.

If you encounter any problems just drop me a message. My mail address
is stingray_dsd@gmx.de

End of V7 notes by StingRay

A few weeks ago Mattias Karlsson (Betasoft) decided to pass the development
on because of lack of time. I volunteered to continue the development
since I've been using it myself alot and my interest in music and

Some word from Mattias Karlsson concerning the birth of ptreplay.

I wrote this library because I was unable to find a _good_ and system-
friendly replay routine for ProTracker. I based this loosely on the 
example sources that accompany ProTracker, but these were pretty badly
written, and sparsly commented, and the CIA routines did never work on
my machine. A job worth doing well is worth doing yourself, I though
and went to work. This is what emerged, a small library. Notice that it
is just about 8k, and still contains all needed to play good music (and it
has a lot of features too)

                                   - - -

Changes from 6.6 to 7.0 by StingRay
*   FIXED: volume slide was completely broken
* CHANGED: the library now works on Kick 1.x machines

Changes from 6.5 to 6.6 by Andreas Pålsson
* FIXED: Closelibrary()() wouldn't return. Reported by Michael Stoehr.

* CHANGE: Betasoft turns over the development to Andreas Pålsson.

Changes from 5.14 to 6.5 by Mattias Karlsson
* Horror, the clean up routines clears some signals on the task that closes
  the library (maybe this is what caused the spurius GURUs?). (6.5)

* If you are to quick to start playing after the library has been opened
  it produced 4 hits and no sound since it checked the IORequesters before
  PTReplay_ctrltask has time to allocate them. (6.4)

* Now it only trigger ModuleRestart when you do a positionjump in the last
  position instead of everytime. (6.3)

* Now frees all channel on LibClose instead of libExpunge. (6.2)

* Sometimes ptreplay_ctrltask (See FAQ) "hangs" and starts busylooping
  when you did a DisplayBeep() with a sample. (6.1)

* New functions for reading the owned channels and sampledata. (6.0)

* A channel that is turned of was not left alone. (5.16)

* All channels were turned on at playtime, instead of only those that
  ptreplay owns. (5.15)

                                   - - -

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