Back to Square One by Wide Load

Back to square one by poro/Wide Load

The actual 1k intro is located in Demo/index.html. Modern browser security policies prevent file from being run directly from file system. Below is a list of ways to serve the index.html file and get the demo running.

Easiest way is to use the provided start.exe that simply starts up a local http server and serves the index.html file from port 5000, it also starts up chrome by default. Remember to close down the server afterwards. The server responds from following URI:s

Other methods of running the intro:
- Any web server
- Proxy that fakes the browser to think that the file is coming from a web server.
- Local file system check disabled from the browser.
- The intro can also be found from the following uri: http://poro1k.netlify.com/ or http://poro1k.netlify.com/index_1080p.html 

Run time is about 65 seconds. There is no music or sound of any kind. The default resolution is 1280x720. 1080p intro file is also provided (index_1080p.html).