Ozymandias by Funny Curly Cat Code Factory

FCCCF presents Ozymandias
at Assembly Summer 2019

This demo was meant to be bigger, bolder and more beautiful than the
previous one, Lepus Minor. But then time went quickly, I got into
trouble with the code and only the main idea survived and the rest 90%
of the glorious plan got axed.

The demo was inspired by the poem Ozymandias by Percy Shelley, the 
videogame Journey by Thatgamecompany and the song The Old Ways by
Loreena McKennit.

There was a problem with decoding ogg files to wave in Windows, 
so I ended up using NAudio for the Windows build. That is also
why there is a separate exe for windows and linux, even though
the demo is programmed in C#.

Million thanks to Bass cadet for making the music in the week
before the event <3 <3 <3

Demo is programmed in C# 5.0 
and targets .Net Framework 4.5 and 64 bit processors.
You need to have OpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics to run it.

Demo was developed in Lubuntu Linux, using MonoDevelop,
Gimp, MagicaVoxel, Geany and Audacity. Windows version was
built with Visual Studio 2019 Community edition.

Demo uses the following external libraries and packages:
OpenTK	https://opentk.net/
NAudio	https://github.com/naudio/NAudio
NAudio.Vorbis	https://github.com/naudio/Vorbis
NVorbis https://github.com/ioctlLR/NVorbis

Muffintrap : Code, Design, Graphics
Bass cadet : Music

I plan to write a more detailed making-of article later to