amphetamine by Exmortis

     WARNING! This is party version which might contain (and probably does)
              some bugs. Please contact any of Exmortis members to get
	      full release version.

 àmp×äâam­ïð by îxmíRÁiS in 1996                    - the supreme infuriation -

performed by orion, avran and clifford m. 
quite late but we don't care at all. it was meant to be what it is...
we recommend you to use 486dx2/vlb to watch this. of course it will work even
with poor 386, but... also nice if you have gus with 512k of dram for sound,
because demos suck when they're deaf. 
be patient when you see 'exmortis faces'. the demo is loading then, and this
may take quite big moment. just because we decompress whole demo (no loading
during action).

some fast hellos to (random order):
  orange - camorra - deus - fatal justice - fascination - gollum - arkham
  acme - substance - imphobia - shocker - escape - impact studios - abaddon
  majic 12 - keen like frogs - d-lusion - infiny - enigma - amnesty 
  confusion - shelters - shock! - anarchy

avran personal greets:
  blaze - maxwood/m12 - flynn - mockery/d-lusion - yarpen
  ellyn/cnf - exceed/cnf - droopy/shelters - morbus/substance
  dezert/funeral moon - willy - domin

clifford m. personal greets:
  pussyrider/escape - jeppe/enigma - remdy/arkham - andy/anarchy 
  fat morgan/deus - der pippo/orange - vic/acme,shane - marco/shocker
  alek/shocker - ellyn/cnf - exceed/cnf - domin - conan - blitzkrieg

and one more. we would like to say FUCK YOU to all those guys who declared
themselves to be "100% repliable", but in fact they aren't. we guess that 
you only forgot to declare as lame diskstealers.

scene swap swap to:
    avran                        orion
    piotr woznicki               michal mazanik
    al.kasztanowa 13/9           ul.armii krajowej 47/2  
    58-300 walbrzych             58-302 walbrzych

    clifford m.
    karol szyszka            
    ul.kolejowa 17/3
    58-310 szczawno-zdroj

we're all from poland, as if you haven't noticed...

you can call these cool boards to get our stuff:

    molecule (germany)  -  +49-239-218-1750 -  sysop internal&diskhawk/fj
    dune 2   (hungary)  -  +36-62-341850    -  sysop cyberdancer&atx/shock!