Inconexia by Iguana [web]

           - INCONEXIA - An Iguana/VangeliSTeam production of 1993 -

           Yuppp!  At last you have the Inconexia in your hands! Today's
        a  good day to finish a product (Friday the 13th,  August),  so,
        let's get on with this text and pack it.

           This  is  the  bugfixed  version:  it  doesn't fail with some
        VGAs,  works  in  stereo  and  without  sound,  and has a nicely
        horrible  setup  program.  We  didn't pack it into a unique file
        'cause  I  wanted  to give a bad time to the people that dislike
        multifile  demos  ;-D,  and also because I've seen other loading
        systems fail under DrDos or other environments.

           As  soon as JCAB gets the GUS working we will release a patch
        to  add  GUS support in this demo.  I suppose it will come along
        with  the  new  version  of the VangeliSTracker (long time since
        1.2b, eh?).

           And,  I'm  sorry  to say that most sources of this demo won't
        be  released.  I  suppose  they  will  be  used  for  commercial
        purposes  (money  SUCKS!  so  get  rid of some and give it to me
        :D).  This  doesn't  apply  in  any  form to the VangeliSTracker
        project, altough there might be changes in VT also.


           The  demo  should  have  been  shown at the Assembly'93,  but
        hardware  problems and loads of bad luck prevented us from doing
        it.  The demo had a bug with some VGA cards,  a silly bit that I
        (Jare)  stuck  in  our mode setting routine a long time ago.  So
        far  only  three  computers  have been found to be troubled with
        this  bug,  but the competition machine was (of course!)  one of
        them.  Back  in  Spain we found that COI's machine didn't run it
        either,  so  it's really bad luck we didn't test it there before
        going to Finland. Shitty PC compatibility!

           The bug is fixed now,  so it's time to fix some other things;
        for  example,  the little interest that the Future Crew guys (in
        general)  put during the PC demo competition.  They wanted it to
        be as short as possible,  so any excuse was good to throw a demo
        away  from it.  Hope you do better next year,  guys!  It will be
        good for your credibility. Remember your own PANIC textfile.

           BIG  thanks must go to the DUST guys who,  aside from getting
        the fourth place in the competition,  tried to help us with this
        problem;  again  bad  luck prevented me from seeing the VGA card
        they left over the table for us to use. Sorry and thanks!

           No  hard  feelings to anyone (particularly FC); we would have
        loved to see the starfield on the big screen,  but who cares: we
        are  too old to get angry by such a thing.  Anyway,  JCAB's work
        with  the VangeliSTracker finally got its prize in the form of a
        Gravis Ultrasound (thank you John!).


                Iguana members:

         JCAB     - Coder
         JARE     - Coder
         COI      - Graphics/music
         Thryxxon - Music
         Miguel   - Sysop/PR

         BBS : BlasterSound BBS, +34-58-293583; Granada, Spain
                  FidoNet - 2:345/805
                  CDNet   - 94:620/200 & 201
          (trying to convince Miguel to change it to GraviSound BBS ;-D)

                Collaborations by:

         ARM              - Coder
         ReD Devil        - Fonts/Ideas (he's a coder also)
         303 Acid Factory - The main tune.
         DJ               - Samples.

                To contact Iguana or VangeliSTeam write to

         Mail     - Juan Carlos Arevalo
                    Apdo. Correos 156405

         FidoNet  - 2:341/27.16, 2:341/27.21, 2:341/9.21
         CDNet    - 94:620/201.1 & .2
         Internet - jarevalo@moises.ls.fi.upm.es (hope it will last)
         Voice    - +34-1-415-8499

                Other distribution sites:

         Switzerland - The Lycaeum +41 41 762 989
         Belgium     - Genesis BBS +32(0)2-2453498 / -2168294

           We make commercial demos,  games and other kinds of software.
        Don't hesistate to contact us!


                Credits for this demo:

         Setup  : Jare. Text reader idea by Triton.
         DemoVT : JCAB.

         Title : Idea, coding and 'music' by JCAB.
                 Graphics by COI.

         Museum : Idea and coding by ARM.
                  Music by COI.
                  Graphics by a 1200 DPI scanner. :)

         Balls : Idea and coding by Jare.
                 Graphics by COI.
                 Music by 303 Acid Factory.

         Mirrorball : Idea and coding by JCAB.
                      Graphics by COI and Persistance of Vision 1.0.
                      Music by 303 Acid Factory.

         Spiral : Idea and coding by Jare.
                  Music by 303 Acid Factory.

         Starfield : Idea by JCAB and ReD Devil; coding by JCAB.
                     Scripting by Jare.
                     Font by COI.
                     Music by 303 Acid Factory.

         Scroller : Idea and coding by Jare.
                    Graphics by COI.
                    Font by Jare (had to be a coder!).
                    Music by 303 Acid Factory (still).

         Firecredits : Idea and coding by JCAB.
                       Font by ReD Devil.
                       Music by Thryxxon.

           Tools  used  include  Borland  compilers,  LZEXE  by  Fabrice
        Bellard,  Animator  and  DeluxePaint,  ARJ  by  Robert K.  Jung,
        QEdit,  Tech!  Help, lots of sources from The Yellow Ones, Tran,
        PSI and others, and many more I'm sure I've forgot.

           Special  thanks  to Echeva and Freston for technical support;
        Javier   Olmo   and   Filipan   for  betatesting;  Parasite  for
        everything;  Dust,  you  already know; Gore for the nice time he
        gave  us  in  Finland;  Irresistible Works for letting us try to
        fix  some bugs with their computer; Darkness,  for moral support
        at the partyplace; and Potxoki for his patience. :)


        Come on! Stop reading this trash and run the demo!

                Madrid, Friday 13th, August, 1993.