Hanna-Kaisan tietokonekerho - Hanna-Kaisa's Computer Club

Hanna-Kaisan Tietokonekerho / Hanna-Kaisa's Computer Club

Copyright 2019 Jari Sihvola
English language assistant for the story text: mirrorbird

GPLv3 (Code)
CC BY-NC (Media content)

Released at Skrolli Party 2019, Tampere

-Descriptions of hacking are based on an essay written by a famous person
-Leg positions in walking frames are drawn by taking a model from an ancient computer game

Requirements for compiling (parenthesis contain a version tested):
C++ compiler (only GCC tested, 8.3.0-6)
SDL2 (2.0.9)
SDL2_image (2.0.4)
SDL2_ttf (2.0.15)
portaudio (19.6.0-1)
libopenmpt (0.4.3-1)

You can compile the program by typing "make" in program's folder (creates an executable file "hk"):

Compiling without using makefile:
g++ hk.cpp -g -lpthread -lopenmpt -lportaudiocpp -lSDL2 -lSDL2_image -lSDL2_ttf -std=gnu++11 -o hk