DevaStation by Fingersoft [web]

DevaStation, released in assembly 2002

This is our own release version with small fixes, we didn't have enough time to 
finalize our demo to assembly compo, so we decided make also our own release. 
(this demo was not on the compo, I guess the reason is because the demo 
gets worse at end...).
We hope that we have some time to write a better one to Assembly 2003 :)

Following parameters can be specified:
-debug     - shows some debug data
-benchmark - determines average fps from every scene

System required / recommended:
 - atleast 500mhz processor
 - good display adapter (gf3/gf4 or radeon 8500), (bumpmapping should be supported)
 - 64mB RAM

 - toniz  (Toni Fingerroos)
 - muumi  (Niklas Kumpulainen)

3D Modelling:
 - toniz  (Toni Fingerroos)
 - muumi  (Niklas Kumpulainen)

 - flary  (Elisa Hietala)
 - jamo   (Jarmo Siekkinen)
 - done   (Thomas Wahlberg)

 - jdruid (Joona Karjalainen)
 - some last minute fixing by done

Contacting us:
 - http://www.fingersoft.cjb.net (if it doesn't exist, try a search engine)
 - #fingersoft [quakenet, possibly ircnet also] 
 - a note: We are about to change our crew name... so Fingersoft may not exist anymore

Thanks to:
 - FMod (great and simple sound API)
 - ZLib (simple and pretty effective packing lib)