Another Pong by PPS

Another Pong
- arcade game for ATARI 8-Bit Computer with at least 64kB RAM
- play Pong with joystick and up to 2 players

- NTSC & PAL friendly - but atm some not so usual machines (PAL-60
  or NTSC-50) will have errors in sound - there will be an updated
  version in future :)

- coded 15.09.-29.10.2018 for the ABBUC e.V.
- first release as annual gift for the ABBUC e.V. members in spring
  2019 with ABBUC Magazin #136

- music done by eMKay
- code and graphics by PPs
- package design of the ABBUC e.V. release by des-OR-mad
- thanks ABBUC e.V. (esp. Wolfgang Burger for copying all the discs)
  for initial release

Have fun and stay ATARI!________________________________________PPs_16.01.2020