Sunflower by Pulse [web]


                            the work of art, love, hate and desire.
                            yes, to build a better world. wherever.

 the wind symphonies and storm illusions were summoned by falcon
 the secret ingredients were harvested in the moonlight by camel and unreal
 the magic runes of light were written by lazur and made and niko
 the water fairies were carved by air, prager, tudor and voomie

               sun, you are my flower, in the sky vase thou rest
               flower, you are my sun, for my eyes you are a fest


we realise the demo might not work perfect on computers like 486,
or p90's, as it was prepared for most of nowadays competitions'
machines: p166 + 16mb, even tho the computer at gravity was p200.
it's advisable to run it on GenuineIntel, and not AMD/Cryix.
we followed the stream and optimized for FPU, yesindeed.

        keep in mind that most of the scenes are far over 8 000 (eight thousand)
        faces (the highest polygon count being probably 14xxx), and often
        feature additional effects like texture warpings, particles, blobs,
        multiple camera renderings, flares, morphing and such.

                if you desperately need to know what is what..

               - the first picture was drawn by Peachy, thanks to his
                 inspirational work and letting us use the picture
                 (the lily scene idea got from peachy)
               - the thing in crater scene is a 3d fire done using blobs
                 (funny, only one person noticed it was fire)
               - general idea for crater-tunnel-valley sequence by
               - the last thing with greenish texture is raytracing and
                 a bitmap effect at the same time

 magic switches:

        -bigmem (when you have 12+ mb memory, keeps the textures cached)
        -nointel (won't help *that* much, but still..)

  can press 'w' while demo in progress, will save a single screnshot
  named 'screen.tga'
  when choosing the modes, remember that the 320x200 double are in reality
 640x480 double pixel :) also, few parts of demo will look f****d up
 as the logos etc are in lo-res. the double pixel resolutions are only
 for people who can't access the lores, so hey, I warned you.

  when you choose linear framebuffer and you think you're so cool,
 then I better warn you again: there is huge overdraw in few scenes,
 especially that the transparent mappers reuse the video memory, so it
 causes major slowdowns in linear framebuffers.

 demo won't work under Windows 95 because of the music player.