b-shock by Shame Studios [web]

 <b-shock>                                             .betashockbyshame
 <the respawn>                                         .released@theparty9

  -the credits.
    .audio     by zipp       
    .meshes    by kry & peenut
    .code      by peenut & kry
    .help      by thorso & dawid
    .player    by digisnap

  -the requirements.
    .pentium2 with 300mhz (400mhz would be fine)
    .20mb ram
    .sb compatible soundcard
    .vesa 2.0 compatible gfxcard (run sdd)
    .using 320x240 resolution at 32,24,16,15bpp

  -the sound.
    .please edit the b-shock.cfg, enter sb-base, enter sb-irq, enter dma.
    .thank you.

  -the story.
    .this intro is the sequel to our very first production "a-shock" which
    .was to be released at dialogos but didn't want to run on the compo
    .machine (and actually had very bad music).
    .unfortunately, it wasn't spread well enough on the net and even we 
    .don't really know if it has been released or not.
    .but three days before christmas, we thought about making a new intro.
    .and so the whole intro was finished even before christmas day, so it
    .was actually hacked together in two days.
    .this stuff was made in a terrible hurry, just to release this at
    .the party 9. 
    .so we hope you'll enjoy the trip.

  -the greetings.
    .zipp/kosmic         .thanks a lot for that great module and your support
                         .(especially cause time ran out)
    .crossbone/suburban  .for giving hints and releasing nice intros/demos
    .digisnap/matrix     .for your help and your xm-player
    .sol/trauma          .for his tutorials and your advice to visit your
                         .homepage (you should visit his homepage ;)

  -the contact.
    .mail us for any comments
    .(or try to catch us on irc at #coders)
        ilja (kry) heckmann          <ilja.heckmann@gmx.de>  
        michael (peenut) schran      <peenut@gmx.de>

  -the future.
    .we are looking for some talented 3d artist and especially a sounder.
    .please contact us, if you're interested.

  -the end.