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             P R E S E N T S  

              Syntetikk Life

               a Nah-Kolor 
         (We Challenge Technology)          

           Revision 2020 Online
           (Sofasceners edition)         
                Amiga 1200
                 AGA Demo
                 (HD Only)

Credits for your guilty pleasures:

- All Coding: Drareg
- Music: Voicer (main demo part) Magnar (end part)
- Graphics: Mantraz, Deesis, Sagat, Neo, Kenet, MRK, Alien, CoaxCable, Facet, Alien
- Testing, organizing and support: Magic
- Support: TM_Dag
- 060 realhardware testing: AMike (must work perfectly on the Revision compomachine to which is a 060 :)

Background information
Once upon a time, earlier this century, Nah-Kolor started on a demo which never saw the light of day. Many things were created but were savely kept in the 
Nah-Kolor vault for a better day. And this day is now! 6 weeks before Revision 2020 a spontanous happening occured and the planning of a fast AGA demo for 
Revision 2020 was put in motion. During developement and brainstorm sessions we looked what was already created (but unreleased) to have a head start with 
this demo project. Thanks to Voicer and Magnar for stepping in musicwise for the main demo music respectively end part music! Ofcourse some other stuff was
new made like some 3D and some textures. We welcome our new member Drareg who is the main coder of this demo! The next demoproject will be from scratch! 
But for now this fast demo should be a nice surprise for the scene! Cheers to you all! Only Amiga makes it possible! =)

Voicer explains the making of the main demo tune: "First sample made by me from scratch. Inspired by Prodigy but -not- ripped. I spend weeks trying to make their 
style from scratch.mastering, saturation and layering several samples at once mostly. Vocal by my daughter."

April 10th 00:10, siging off.. (finally a demo finished before the party deadline ;)

We Love: 

Anadune, Lemon. , Offence, Loonies, 
The Black Lotus, Tulou, Censor Design, 
Fairlight, Hokuto Force, Insane, Mad Wizards, 
Bonzai, Desire, Scoopex, Genesis Projects, 
Elude, Oxyron, Depth, Appendix, Da Jormas! , 
Noice, Ghostown, Crest, Dekadence, Fossil, 
Spaceballs, Multistyle Labs, Skarla, Floppy
Addict Labs, Samar Productions, Haujobb, Up Rough, 
TRSI, Booze Design, Onslaught, Resistance, Vision, 
Unique, Chorus, The Deadliners, Void, Focus Design, 
Shape, Cocoon, Altair, Alcatraz, Reality, Rebels and everybody 
we have forgotten! (you know who you are)

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