Qlkee 2 by Taquart

Taquart presents
"Qlkee 2"

1-kilobyte intro for Atari XL/XE
expanded with VideoBoard XE (VBXE)
configured to FX Core 1.2x

First presented in May 2020
at the PSA virtual party

Programmed by
Piotr '0xF' Fusik <fox@scene.pl>

Lamers, Agenda, Desire, LaResistance,
MEC, Mad Team, New Generation,
Mystic Bytes, Zelax, Slight,
Tristesse, Blowjobb, Our 5oft,
Bit Busters, DLT, Satantronic, Samar,
SSG, Sword Soft, JAC!, XXL, Kaz, TDC,
Duddie, PG, MaPa, Rumun, Jell, Zenon,
Nir Dery, Marok, Candle, Sikor,
Grzybson, Henryk, Yerzmyey.

Coming soon to pouet.net.
Video coming soon to YouTube
(should be 50 fps!)

Source code: