Ice core by Church of the Spinning Cube

Ice core

by alia / church of the spinning cube

4 kilobytes of executable graphics for macOS

presented at outline online 2020

What is it:

- Exegraphics. This is a standard demoscene competition: make a program that displays an image in 30 seconds or less. Total file size must be 4KB or less, no external data allowed.
- Path traced on GPU.
- A solid block of ancient ice, layer upon layer, a frozen record of the past.


- Fast GPU. This is very GPU heavy. If you have an older GPU or integrated graphics, try the 540p or 360p versions. If your GPU is too slow, the output image will be very noisy, possibly corrupt, and could crash macOS.
- Possibly macOS 10.15. It probably works on older OS versions, but hasn't been tested.


- Run from terminal. cd to the folder, and run "./icecore_1080p" (or your choice of resolution).
- Wait 30 seconds. Nothing much will happen during those 30 seconds. Your fans might start screaming in anticipation.


- Made by Alia of the Church of the Spinning Cube during the apocalypse of 2020.


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- Crobisaur
- Enpera
- Ephemeralman
- Polarity
- Poobrain
- Prismbeings
- Rift
- Slipstream
- Suricrasia online
- The people I forgot. There's sure to be many :)


None given, use at your own risk. It'll probably be fine, but save your work before running it ;)