The 50Hz stare by Newline

The 50Hz stare (partyversion)
A little intro for Outline Online 2020 by newline.

Newton Rating
(the new de-facto Atari rating 
standard): Not disqualified, 
although "the desk was way more 
interesting" - (see 

Just a (rarely done) effect that up 
until now people did in 15 or less 
fps, mostly requiring STe+blitter and 
often even using double-pixels. 
Now done in 50fps and 1x1 pixel 
„glory“ on stock 1MB 8Mhz STf 
- who needs customchips :) 
And ofc realtime.
Sorry for the dull object and lack of 
movement, but the deadline is looming.
If enough people bug me, I might update
this with things I have lying around, 
like a donut etc. Also severly 
undertested on STE.
Also, on 1MB machines you probably 
have to boot this from a floppydisk 
inside an AUTO-folder to disable all
drivers, GEM etc. (yes, it's that picky 
regarding memory).

This is a multi-purpose, 1x1, 50hz, 6 
colors gouraud polygon routine. While
dabbling with STNICCC, we often used
the running gag of "and now in full
gouraud". I got curious, _how_ fast
I could get my gouraud approach. This
is the result. No anim; rotation, 
polys etc. are realtime.

Code/Gfx: tIn/newline.
Music: Cyborg Jeff (YM Conversion by XiA)
Arkos player/support/tools/sndh: ggn

All the best,

Mr. Coke, Axis, Slator, Shylock, NaN, 
Front 6, Samurai, Fried, Thyroxin, GGN,
XiA, Tat, ChrisTOS, Pep, Bifat, Krill,
Jasmin68k, Mr. Ni!, Insh_Allah, 
Wingleader, Bonus, Havoc, Cronos, 
DanH, Agent T, Lotek Style, Insane,
Yazoo, Sphinx, Veto, Thorn, Jokie, 
Gunstick, Troed, Leonard, Spkr, Jacky,
Splash, Jora, Sammy Joe, Tyrem, Mad 
Max, Daryl, ES, Chris and all I forgot