Visuals accompanying music by Brown Art

Brown Art presents:

Visuals accompanying music

A small intro that does what it says in the title. Also it could be an
invitation to Sommarhack Online 2020. Not sure. We didn't ask the organisers.

This intro got a certified newton rating of: "he kept pressing space to exit" (newton rating being the new de-facto Atari rating standard, see https://t.co/oKzjLn9Fdk)

Code: GGN and tIn
Graphics: Evil of Dead Hackers Society (Sommarhack logo)
Music: Excellence in Art
Design (in equal parts): GGN, tIn, XiA

This production should run on any Atari ST/STE/Mega ST/Mega STE with 512k of
RAM and colour monitor.

With a bit of work it could be persuaded to run on a Falcon, but we are not
going to attempt to do this for this party version.

Greetings to everyone in the Demo Scene. You are all lovely people and we love

Released at Gubbdata 2020

(started from almost zero 3 days before the party)