Black Hole by Nesnausk! [web]

Black Hole - nesnausk!, 2020

A real-time rendering demo. 1st place at Field-FX 2020.

The soundtrack was made in early 21st century, I got an idea to make a
demo with it around year 2006, but it took a lot more years until I
actually did something.

Sometime in 2018 I sat down with my kid and we started making

And then that got parked, until I got off my lazy arse and actually
finished it up, mid-2020. So here it is!

Video capture: https://youtu.be/v6ELbTS6lkI

### Credits

- Soundtrack and story: paraphonic^aheadahead
- Drawings and ideas: @laryngeal_stop
- Putting it all together & fx: NeARAZ

### Details

It's a Unity 2018.2 project with nothing fancy really. A timeline,
and mostly raymarched fractals that render into the g-buffer. Some utilities
I've used from the most excellent Keijiro's github, and the fractals are based
on Kali Sets, particularly "kalizyl and kalizul" shadertoy by Stefan Berke.