Komfur by 1. December

"Komfur" by 1DEK 
An entry for the Novoque PC demo competition, held in 2020

Music by fugl and bstrr
Effects, Notch setup and direction by farfar


farfar sez:

Special thanks to Gloom for helping out with Notch related issues
(specifically, exporting the executable, and also telling me to stop being a
dumbshit who uses 4k texturemaps when 512x512 is plenty, and who also uses
needlessly highres HDRi's)

The track used in the demo is called "Komfur (induktion edit)"
Komfur is the Danish word for a stove
The music was done by fugl and bstrr some time around 2000, if memory serves.
I found it on an old backup DVD in my parents' attick - hooray for keeping old
stuff lying around for decades! 

I had some Notch effects and experiments lying around, and figured it would be
fun to try and put some visuals to the music. I wasn't originally planning to 
release anything for Novoque (didn't think I had the time..) but in the end 
fugl was very fast to do an edit of the track, which made the production 

The original mix is close to 9 minutes - give me a shout on twitter
(@skjoldbroder) if you want it. 


Bstrr sez:
shoutout to Rubberduck for the Bailey's tips and tricks!