containment by vrtx

             a 4k procedural gfx for inercia 2020

enjoying a month of demoshows, seminars, and party prep streams
for inercia i knew i had to release something to the party as 
thanks to ps and others for the entertainment and motivations.
here is a little entry for the 4k procedural graphics compo. 

run the exe and wait at the beautiful black screen for up to 25
seconds while the image is computed. if all goes well you will
be presented with the procedurally generated image. included is
a screenshot of the results from an nvidia 2070.

big thanks to alia, cupe, evvvvil, iq, yx, for sharing ways and
examples for making 4k graphics. shaders crunched with shader
minifier by LLB and exe smushed with crinkler by mentor and 

                      blackpawn / vrtx