Delve Into My Mind by Ram Jam [web]

þ delve deeper into my mind
þ a 64k by ramjam
þ competed at tig '98 (the italian gathering) and won 1st place

þ code  shock
þ font  shock
þ music loonie

þ story

  just another collection of mellow effects with ambient music, something to
  sooth the mind... or whatever tickles your fancy.

þ requirements

  any computer you could imagine, provided it is x86 compatible and is faster
  or equal to a 486... the faster the better

  any video card that supports vesa/vbe 2 support and also support linear
  frame buffers. use scitech display doctor just in case.

  oh, it also has to support the resolution of 640x480x8bpp

  supports both sound blaster and gravis ultrasound sound cards, has been
  known to bug, but not sure of the 'cause...

þ greets (from shock)

  raster, ravian, gaffer, jestyr, clef, ex, psychic symphony, sagacity,
  armitage, frenzy, icepick, goblin, legend, zylah, old cheese, loonie,
  surfing, sarix, black, fall, tom, gooroo, zapmies, action, dake, dave,
  nephoo, aghan, unreal, scorpik, made, nix, probe, magnesium, zensunni,
  and all those others who will kill me for not greeting them ;)

þ finito