CoVIDation 2 Party by RetroKomp/LoadError [web]

!CoVIDation 2 Party!

RK/LE TEAM crap production 
for ZX Invit Compo at:

>>> DECRUNCH 2020! <<<

ZX Spectrum 48k + AY

Music by Macros
VT2 Player by Sergey Bulba
Other crap assembled by RK/LE Team

This short prod was made in a hurry to support both parties: Decrunch and Speccy.PL 2020.1.
We are sorry for the quality but this time the quantity was the main goal! To have ZX compo
at Decrunch we needed 3 or more entries. So few friends decided to dig out that kind of
recycled crap from our tapes and here you have it. As there was no time to find anyone to
do the music for this prod, we've taken one of the example tunes from Vortex Tracker II,
an awesome tracker from Sergey Bulba. We've tried to reach Macros through 3 mail addresses
but no success. Thanks Macros, hope you don't mind!  

We wish you GR8 party experience! Hope both parties will be cool and safe.

Take care Friends!