Unfolding by Agenda


Multiple effects in 64 bytes, with transitions and basic sound, no precalc.

Lovebyte party, "Combined 64 byte intro compo"
Requires Atari XL/XE OS Rev2, Basic disabled
by Ilmenit / Agenda '2021

Greetings to all sizecoders!

=== Q&A ===
1. Why the file size is bigger than 64 bytes?

According to competition rules:
"Atari 8bit/16bit entries are calculated without mandatory header (3-32 bytes)
for anything below 128 bytes". It gives +6 bytes. 

2. Why there are different executables provided?

Different loaders [emulator/sio2sd/sdrive/bwdos] have different initial state of CPU
and there was no space in 64 bytes of code for one universal initialization.
Wrong version may also work but will start the intro somewhere from the middle.
There is a _safe version with extra init and RUN section to run from almost
anything, however with SpartaDOS X you still should run it with the X command.
There is a _minimal one (63 bytes) with worse effects, transitions and no SFX.