Jam with TED by Loonies [web]

Jam with TED

A minimalistic loop sequencer for Commodore 16

by Blueberry / Loonies

Presented in the 256-byte game compo at Lovebyte 2021

The program runs in the background and reads hex values from screen memory to
control individual bits of the TED sound registers in a 128-frame (2.56s) loop.

Each character column encodes 4 frames, corresponding to the 4 bits in the hex
digit. The bits are sequenced from most significant to least significant, so
for instance C means on for 2 frames then off for 2 frames, A means alternately
on, off, on, off etc.

Each row corresponds to a single bit in a register. When multiple rows are
grouped to define one value, the order is from the most significant to the
least significant bit. The rows are assigned this way:
- Row 1 (light blue): Voice 2 noise enabled.
- Row 2 (blue):       Voice 2 square wave enabled.
- Row 3: (green):     Voice 1 square wave enabled.
- Rows 4-7 (grey):    Volume. Range is from 0 to 8 (8 or above is max volume).
- Rows 8-15 (blue):   Voice 2 pitch most significant 8 bits (of 10).
- Rows 16-23 (green): Voice 1 pitch most significant 8 bits (of 10).

Have fun!