microspectral by byteobserver
A 256b x86 Linux ELF demo for Lovebyte 2021

This is a procedural music demo which feeds a
bytebeat formula through the inverse Fast
Fourier Transform (size 1024). A triangular
window is applied to the frames and time is
advanced by 512 samples each frame. To run:

./microspectral | aplay -fFLOAT_LE -r32768

Due to poor planning this was finished at the
last minute, so it's rather quiet.

This technique of music generation has a lot
of potential which I had a hard time cramming
into 256b. For example check out my earlier
work using the same synthesis method:
I think that with some more time spent on
optimizing this, quite a few of the formulas
from that recording could fit into
256b. Probably you could fit all of them into
one big 512b intro.

Greetings to all sizecoders!