Twinhead by Progen & Desire [web]

			  Twinhead by Progen & Desire

      A demo for BBC Master 128 + 6502 second processor (aka Master Turbo)     

			   Released at Revision 2021

			       Coding:    Progen

			       Graphics:  Luther

			       Music:       mAZE

Compatibility note :

Twinhead has been confirmed to work with both the Acorn internal (4 MHz) and
external (3 MHz) 6502 coprocessors. It was mainly designed for the 4 MHz copro,
but will run on the 3 MHz version, albeit at a slightly lower frame rate.

Compatibility has not been confirmed with any other 6502 coprocessors.

We advise against running Twinhead under BeebEm due to poor audio emulation.